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Geared motor noise test conditions
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Now is the peak of the intelligent era, smart devices, smart home has been widely used in various industries, and our young. Of course, we are in the choice of gear motor, the quality requirements are also very high. In particular, the size of the noise of the motor attaches great importance. The following Sinbad motor give you an analysis of the motor noise, how to test, should have what conditions.

The ISO8579-1: 2002 standard gives the necessary instructions and standard conditions for determining the airborne noise emitted by gear units and gear motors, together with the permissible measurement methods. The noise measurement test conditions are as follows:

 1. The gear unit shall be tested in the intended direction of rotation (unidirectional or bidirectional)

2. Measurement should be used when working in the lubrication system and is equal to the viscosity of lubricating oil;

3. The gear unit should be tested at a predetermined working speed;

4. Noise polish should be carried out under rated load or under agreed load and may be selected among the following loads: rated load, contract load, highest efficiency nominal load of gear unit.

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