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Geared motors play an important role in robotic applications
- Mar 30, 2018 -

A robot is a machine device that performs work automatically. It can accept human command, run pre-arranged procedures, and act according to the principles set out by artificial intelligence. Its task is to assist or replace human work, such as production, construction, or dangerous work. It is a cutting-edge high-tech industry that is highly integrated with the latest scientific research and industrial achievements in the disciplines of microelectronics, communications, computers, artificial intelligence, control, and image processing. The robot technology that directly influences the optimization and intelligence of life is the core technology of the robot and smart equipment industry, and it is advancing the future of science and technology innovation and industrial competitiveness in the field of robotics and smart equipment.

A robot is composed of a plurality of different components. A DC geared motor is also one of a plurality of components. Robotics is a system integration and application that integrates various modern information technologies with automated technology and computer technology as the main body. After more than half a century of development, robotics has been widely used in industrial production, greatly improving the quality of production and successfully liberating labor resources. As one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the field of high technology, robotics technology has forward-looking and pioneering characteristics and plays an important role in academic research, industrial upgrading, cultivating innovative awareness, safeguarding national security, and leading the future economic and social development. At present, technological breakthroughs in related fields have fundamentally provided necessary support for improving the academic research of robotics technology, broadening the scope of applications for robotics, and have covered national defense, aerospace, industrial production, services, rehabilitation for the elderly, education, and even Ordinary family life, the climax of a new robot technology research and development opportunities have arrived.

The reason why the outbreak of the robotics industry has promoted the growth of DC geared motors is because the overall hardware materials of the robots require a large number of small geared motors as accessories, indirectly stimulating the development of the geared motor industry, and triggering our micro-gear motor manufacturers. Rethinking and improving our innovation on technology and making better quality.

In China, the real use of robots has been more than 20 years ago. It has basically achieved the transition from testing, introduction to independent development, and has promoted the development of China's manufacturing industry. With the gradual opening of China's portal, the domestic robot industry will face greater competition and impact. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the actual situation of the domestic robot market and grasp the progress of research on robots and intelligent equipment in China.

China's robotic market is becoming more and more fierce. China's manufacturing industry faces great challenges in international integration and participation in the international division of labor. Accelerating R&D and production of robotics technology is the main way for us to seize this historical opportunity. Therefore, the robot industry in China must recognize the following points:

1. Robotics is the main means and approach for transforming China from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing powerhouse. The government must have more policies and economic support for domestic robots, refer to foreign advanced experience, and increase technological investment and transformation;

2. In the national science and technology development plan, we should continue to give strong support to the research, development, and application of intelligent robots to form a new situation in which products and automated manufacturing equipment are synchronized and coordinated;

3. Some domestic robots are already quite similar to foreign ones. When companies purchase robots, they should not be blindly imported. They should be evaluated comprehensively and based on domestic production.

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