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General knowledge of gear motor
- Dec 22, 2017 -

DC gear motor, gear micro-gear motor (gear motor) is based on the ordinary DC gear motor, coupled with gear reducer. Gear reducer's role is to provide lower speed, larger torque. At the same time, gearbox different reduction ratio can provide different speed and torque. This greatly increases the use of DC geared motors in the automation industry. The characteristics of the manufacturing process of DC geared motor mainly include two categories: mechanical manufacturing technology and micro-geared motor.With the continuous development of new structure and production technology of micro-geared motor, micro-geared motor manufacturing technology also makes extensive use of precision machinery, instrumentation , Electronics industry and automation technology, has formed a separate DC motor production technology.

Gear reduction motor manufacturing process can be divided into mechanical processing, stamping, casting, insulation treatment, heat treatment, plastic pressure, around the line, assembly, testing and other specialized process, each process is divided into several processes with the The rapid development of industry, micro-gear motor in a wide range of applications, basically contains all the machinery industry. In the course of use, the DC geared motor speed measurement is very important, general DC geared motor speed measurement of the main photoelectric velocimetry. Hall effect principle speed method. Specific DC geared motor speed measurement needs to be based on customer selection together with the appropriate measurement methods

    Micro-gear motor in the electrical and mechanical industry is the more common geared motor, but the performance of geared motors and materials should not know too much and how to choose the material manufacturers and other more professional knowledge is not one or two days to understand, micro-geared motor materials The choice of reference to consider the nature of the magnetic field, consider a variety of gear motor against the permeability of core permeability direction and uniformity of cold-rolled, hot-rolled silicon steel has both orientation and non-oriented. Consider the core loss size, price, Different types of motor performance, use different requirements, the price difference between the finished motor products, especially in the production of different M motor, should be based on the price of finished products miniature motor core prices corresponding to the price of the core punch.

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