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Home smart broken machine micro motor gear box
- Dec 15, 2017 -

With the rapid development of the times and the intelligent coverage, more and more people lose their sense of value. In the family life, mothers are allowed to participate and share food prepared by their own families for their loved ones. Looks very healthy, stylish, with love and necessary. Home smart wall breaking machine is an extension of the soymilk machine, it is no longer limited to playing soy milk but can do more food, more food we can imagine. Sinbad of micro-motor gearbox for home intelligent wall broken machine based on "complete food concept", the food as much as possible to eat and absorb, do not lose any part. Its unique combination of gold, the food can be thoroughly crushed in a matter of tens of seconds to very meticulous, crushing the food cell wall is very high.

brushed dc motors with planetary gearbox

Today Sinbad Po Electrical introduce to everyone under the smart home broken wall micro-motor gearbox, Sinbad-miniature motor gearbox broken with low-speed, torque enhancement technology, not only to achieve a smart home broken wall broken instantly fruits and vegetables Cell wall, the effective extraction of plant biochemicals, but also added a safety self-locking function, through the electromagnetic induction safety lock switch cover to do automatic power off, more safe and reliable.

brushed dc motors with planetary gearbox

Sinbad mechanical and electrical independent research and development, design, production planetary gear motor 20 years of experience to provide customers with planetary gear motor program design and full service, a full range of precision planetary DC gear motor diameter 6,8,10,12,16 , 20,22,28,32,38 mm planetary DC geared motor standards; also provide customers with transmission design, mold design and manufacture of parts, parts production and integrated assembly of a full range of services, customized according to customer demand DC deceleration Motor, micro motor gear box.

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