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How much do you know about the role of carbon brushes?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Carbon brushes are used as a means of transmitting energy and signals and are mainly used between a fixed part and a rotating part of a motor or a generator and other rotating machines. Its appearance is generally a square, stuck on a metal bracket. So what do you know about it?

Carbon brushes often serve as a communicator in the industry, uploading and delivering things that are invisible to the eye to your eyes. Just like oil drilling, people do not know what's going on inside, and they must carry out a test. At this time, the role of carbon brushes is reflected. To put the instrument down from the wellbore, the carbon brush sends the bottomhole condition from the rotating part to the ground instrument, so that people can learn some information.

When using a carbon brush, we should pay attention to whether the carbon brush holder of the brush can be free to land and the contact surface between it and the commutator should not be too small, at least to account for more than 4/3. However, we should understand that the role of the carbon brush is mainly to conduct the metal friction at the same time, because the use of a wide range of carbon brushes, suitable for a variety of motors, generators and axles. Therefore, carbon brushes have good commutation performance and long service life.

The specific role of carbon brush

1. The external current (excitation current) is added to the rotating rotor through the carbon brush (input current);

2. Bring the static charge on the large shaft to the earth (grounded carbon brush) (output current) through the carbon brush;

3. Lead the large shaft (ground) to the protection device for rotor ground protection and measure the positive and negative voltage of the rotor to ground;

4. Change the current direction (in the commutator motor, the brush also plays a commutation function)

The role of carbon brushes, I believe we all have a preliminary understanding of it!

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