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How to choose the stepping motor and driver ?
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Stepper motors are one of many types of motors and usually used with drivers, so they must be selected according to a certain power when they are selected. In order to effectively play the role between the two. How to choose? Here, Sinbad Motor tells everyone.

1. How to determine how much torque is needed: Static torque is one of the main parameters for selecting a stepper motor. When the load is large, a large torque motor is required. When the torque index is large and the shape of the motor is also large.

2. How to judge the running speed of the motor: When the speed requirement is high, the motor with larger phase current and smaller inductance should be selected to increase the power input. A higher supply voltage is used when selecting the driver.

3. How to choose the installation specifications of the motor: such as 57, 86, 110, etc., mainly related to the torque requirements.

4. How to determine the positioning accuracy and vibration: determine whether you need to subdivide and how many subdivisions are needed.

5. The drive is selected based on the current, subdivision and supply voltage of the motor.

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