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How to detect the DC gear motor is good or bad?
- Dec 30, 2017 -

Coreless DC motorDC motor is fixed inside a ring-shaped permanent magnet, the current through the rotor coil to produce amperage, when the rotor coil and the magnetic field parallel to the direction of the magnetic field will continue to change, so the rotor end Of the brush alternating with the conversion sheet contact, so the current direction of the coil also changes, resulting in the same Lorentz force direction, so the motor can maintain a direction of rotation.

Detection of DC motor is good or bad, can be divided into static detection and dynamic monitoring.

Static test:

(1). Megohmmeter required to measure insulation resistance (between armature and field; between motor and field and enclosure);

(2). observe the commutator, smooth without scar;

(3). Check the degree of carbon brush wear and "pigtail" whether loose and damaged; [DC gear motor]

(4). Check the connection between the internal and output lead terminals.

Dynamic detection:

(1). The judgment of the geometric center line, the voltage symmetry discrimination under the same given forward and reverse directions;

(2). No-load current is greater than 10% of the judge, the normal no-load current should be less than 10% before normal;

(3). no-load run to rated speed, power off free parking, check the motor drive train bearing operation and determine the balance is in line with the requirements. The motor should not have significant vibration and noise during taxiing.

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