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How to improve the gear accuracy of DC brushless motor?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

DC brushless motor in the course of the use of gear accuracy will appear inaccurate phenomenon, then we should take what way to improve its accuracy? The following knowledge will be detailed for you, please remember:

1, hobbing machining accuracy analysis: the main axis of precision and precision of movement, smoothness accuracy, contact accuracy. Hobbing processing with the control of the length of the common law and gear diameter jump to ensure the accuracy of movement, with the control of tooth error and base section deviation to ensure the accuracy of work stability, with the control tooth error to ensure contact accuracy.

2, ring gear radial runout error: ring gear radial runout refers to the gear within a range, the probe in the tooth groove or teeth, and the high side of the teeth double-sided contact, the probe relative to the tooth axis Maximum amount of change. It is also the eccentricity of the tooth ring gear relative to the centerline of the shaft. This eccentricity is caused by the fact that the two center holes of the part do not overlap or deviate from the center of rotation of the table when installing the parts.

Or due to the top and the top hole manufacturing bad, so that the positioning surface contact is not good caused by eccentricity, so the ring diameter jump should be resolved from the above reasons. The solution is not just one, so we should analyze from many aspects, find a variety of solutions, so that the fundamental solution to the problem.

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