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How to improve the life of DC geared motor
- Jul 16, 2018 -

The DC geared motor has the advantages of light weight, small size, large carrying capacity and stable operation, but the shortcomings of the miniature geared motor are also outstanding. It is the bearing capacity life, that is, the use time of the miniature geared motor, which is one of our concerns. . Let's share with you how to improve the life of the miniature geared motor.

  In order to improve the use time of the micro geared motor, it is first necessary to consider what causes the life of the miniature geared motor to be short. Find out the roots and solve them in a targeted manner. Through years of research and development and production experience of Shenzhen Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd., it is found that the unreasonable adjustment of the displacement coefficient of the micro geared motor is one of the most important reasons. Miniature geared motors generally use hard-toothed surfaces (HB<350) gears. The main danger is that under the action of cyclic stress, the fatigue cracks of the roots gradually expand and the roots are broken. The displacement coefficient can be appropriately allocated so that the meshing gear displacement coefficients are equal, that is, the tooth root bending strengths of the two gears are substantially equal. The micro geared motor increases the tooth width, which increases the load carrying capacity of the gear and reduces gear tooth noise and deflection. Also pay attention to the selection of gear materials for DC geared motors, lubrication options, root peening and so on.

     DC geared motors are widely used in medical equipment, industrial transmission, smart home, office automation and other fields, so their life requirements are relatively high, we must try to improve the life of geared motors and ensure customer satisfaction.

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