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How to make DC geared motor start normally?
- Dec 28, 2017 -

DC deceleration motor can start, check the steps are, first remove the load, if the DC motor speed and sound normal, you can determine the overload or load mechanical part of the fault.

[Small gear motor] If you still do not turn, you can manually rotate the motor shaft, if it is tight or can not move, then measure the three-phase current, such as three-phase current balance, but more than the rated value may be the mechanical part of the motor Is stuck, the motor is lack of oil, bearing rust or serious damage, cover or oil cap too oblique, the rotor and the bore collide (also known as the broom).

If you rotate the motor shaft by hand to a certain angle feel more strenuous or hear the periodic "Cha Cha" sound, can be judged as swept bores.

The reasons are:

(1) bearing the gap between the inner and outer rings is too large, the need to replace the bearing;

(2) bearing room (bearing hole) is too large, long-term wear caused by the hole diameter is too large. Emergency measures is plating a layer of metal or jacketed, but also in the bearing wall punching some small points;

(3) Shaft bending, end caps wear mouth.

1. DC motor does not turn no sound. The reason is the DC motor power or winding two-phase or three-phase circuit. First check if there is supply voltage. If no voltage of three phases, indicating the fault in the circuit; if the three-phase voltage is balanced, the fault in the DC motor itself. Now you can measure the resistance of the three-phase motor windings to find out the phase winding.

2. DC motor does not turn, but there is "buzzing" sound. Measurement of motor terminals, such as three-phase voltage balance and rating may be judged as serious overload.

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