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How to make the brushless DC motor control
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Usually we divide the DC motor into brushless motor and brushless motor. Brushless DC motor brake is usually the use of the motor itself to quickly brake there are two simple ways, one is energy braking, one is short braking, energy consumption braking is the motor kinetic energy consumption On the external braking resistor, short-circuit braking consumes the kinetic energy of the motor on the stator windings of the motor. Obviously energy-consuming braking is more advantageous for reducing the heating of the motor. But the short brake does not need to make any changes to the hardware, simple and convenient is its outstanding advantages, so focus on short brake.

   The so-called short-brake means that when braking, it can make the driving MOS tube (or lower arm) of the motor all turn on and the lower arm (or upper arm) turn-off state, the three-phase stator winding All are shorted. The motor in power generation is equivalent to short-circuiting the power supply. Because the winding resistance is relatively small, it can produce a large short-circuit current, the kinetic energy of the motor is quickly released, so that the motor instantaneous braking torque generated great, to achieve rapid braking effect. The higher the motor speed, the greater the short-circuit current, the greater the braking force. However, we must consider not exceeding the capacity of the MOS tube, so the general wait for the motor speed reduced to a certain extent and then use the short brake.

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