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How to prevent the DC gearmotors gear box rust
- Jan 08, 2018 -

There are many types of micro-DC gear motor, rusty today talk about this issue, mainly for the gear box and DC motor composed of micro-DC gear motor of this type. Friends often use this motor to know that the motor used for a long time, the gear box surface more or less rusty, under normal circumstances, it is installed inside the product, if not normally removed, if installed outside, We will talk about this rusty topic, and met this problem without knowing how to solve it, we can provide some ways:

1, when cleaning the gearbox of micro DC gear motor, be sure to clean it.

2, the best surface adjustment is oxalic acid, the use of concentration of 1 ~ 2.

3, pickling can also be used sulfuric acid, pickling time can not be too long, the best choice of phosphoric acid.

4, after pickling best to 1 ~ 2 sodium carbonate and.

5, zinc phosphating disposal of acidity to take the upper limit, immersion disposal concentration: TA: 35 or more. FA: 1.2AC: 8 (20CC fermentation tube).

6, degreasing should use weak alkaline degreasing, can not contain caustic soda, TAL to control about 15POINT, PH can not exceed 13.

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