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How to realize the control of DC brushless geared motor
- Aug 28, 2018 -

How to realize the control of DC brushless geared motor

Usually we divide the DC motor into a brush motor and a brushless motor. DC brushless geared motor braking is usually a simple method of using the motor itself for rapid braking. One is energy braking, the other is short braking, and the energy braking is to consume the kinetic energy of the motor. On the external braking resistor, short-circuit braking is to consume the kinetic energy of the motor on the stator winding of the motor. Obviously, energy braking is more beneficial for reducing motor heating. However, short-circuit braking does not require any changes to the hardware. Simple and convenient is its outstanding advantage, so focus on short-circuit braking.

   The so-called short-circuit braking means that when the brake is applied, the upper arm (or the lower arm) of the driving MOS tube of the motor can be turned on and the lower arm (or the upper arm) can be turned off, and the three-phase stator winding of the motor can be realized. All are shorted. A motor that is in a generating state is equivalent to a short circuit in the power supply. Because the resistance of the winding is relatively small, a large short-circuit current can be generated, and the kinetic energy of the motor is quickly released, so that the motor instantaneously generates a large braking torque and can achieve a fast braking effect. The higher the motor speed, the larger the short-circuit current and the greater the braking force. However, it must be considered that it cannot exceed the capacity of the MOS tube, so it is generally waited for the motor speed to be reduced to a certain extent before using the short-circuit brake.

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