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How to reset the stepper motor?
- Jul 13, 2018 -

How to reset the stepper motor? There are four ways to reset the stepper motor:

        Stepper motor reset method 1, direct zeroing method. The method is to install a stop block at the zero position, and then drive the stepping motor to a sufficient angle in the direction of the zero position. When the stepping motor returns to the zero position, it is blocked by the block, the motor The stop position is zero. This method of zeroing the motor is simple, but when the motor is blocked by the block, the stepper motor is still driven to perform a zeroing action, which not only causes damage to the stepping motor and the transmission mechanism, but also causes severe Jitter and louder noise.

Stepper motor

        Stepper motor reset method 2, sensor method. The method installs a position sensor such as a Hall switch and a photodiode at the zero position. When the stepping motor returns to the zero position, the sensor gives a detection signal, and when the control circuit detects the signal, the motor is stopped at the zero position. This method of zeroing is accurate and reliable, but it increases the complexity of the circuit and has certain requirements for installation.

        Stepping motor reset method 3. A dedicated motor drive chip with stall detection is used. When the motor is stopped, the chip can detect that the motor is in a stop state to determine the zero position. However, this method has poor versatility and has certain requirements on the current phase of each winding of the stepping motor, and this method cannot be used in the microstep driving mode.

        Stepping motor reset method 4. By adjusting the duty ratio of the pulse width modulation signal, a sinusoidal drive current whose amplitude is attenuated according to a certain regularity is constructed. By applying the current to each winding of the stepping motor with a certain phase difference, the stepping motor can be driven in a microstep manner, and its torque is attenuated according to a desired law. This method is applied to the stepping motor zero return process, which can return the motor to the zero position with a constant speed and a gradually weakening torque, which effectively protects the motor and the transmission mechanism. This method does not require a hardware circuit, but it can make the motor return to zero and the motor runs smoothly. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications.

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