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Impact reducer motor life factor
- Dec 26, 2017 -

Everyone is often concerned about the purchase of the motor is how long the service life of the gear motor, how long? So what are the main factors that affect the service life of the motor? Zhaowei electromechanical today give you a brief introduction.

The service life of the gearbox motor can vary greatly depending on the load conditions, operating mode, and operating environment. Often hear customers say how to use the motor on the broken, the following conditions affect the service life of the reasons, please contact with the DC gear motor manufacturers (Sinbad motors) inquiries.

 Start frequently

 2. The positive and negative instantaneous reversal of direction

 Impact loading

 4. Long time continuous operation

 5. Forcibly rotate the output shaft

 6. Use standard outside the rated voltage

 7. Braking, counter-current, PWM braking, etc. pulse drive

 8. Exceeds the rated torque load using deceleration motor temperature rise too fast can easily lead to coil burn out,

 9. Beyond the outstanding suspension allowable load, exceeding the allowable thrust load use

 10. Out of service temperature range, relative humidity range, or for use in special environments.

   In general, the geared motor configuration brushless motor brushes longer than the life expectancy, the price will be much more expensive. The basic customer different use of the environment and cost control, select the appropriate and high quality reducer motor.

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