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Industrial robots pull market demand Reducer industry concentration will increase
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Reducer is a key feature of industrial robots, robot industry chain is a vital application of the link. With the growth of industrial robots, reducer companies are expanding production and sales scale, processing capacity and technical level continued to improve the development.

Reducer is an indispensable essential component of industrial power transmission. Reducer main raw materials, including castings, forgings, bearings, etc., the process is relatively simple. These raw materials mainly from steel, pig iron and other bulk raw materials processing, domestic steel, pig iron and other bulk raw materials to meet the reducer products production needs, adequate supply.

Reducer is an important basic component of the national economy, widely used in the downstream industry. Most of the working machine load, low speed, not suitable for direct drive with the prime mover, need to reduce the speed through the reducer to increase the torque, so the vast majority of work machines are equipped with reducer.

In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic economy, heavy machinery industry exports increased, as an important basic industry of the reducer industry is extremely rapid development. At the same time, the robot industry with the development of artificial intelligence has become the most eye-catching industry, the development of space Needless to say.

As the most critical core components of industrial robots, the output of the reducer has a great influence on the production of industrial robots. Precision reducer is the most critical industrial robot parts, the robot industry chain is essential to the application of the link. Reducer enterprises are expanding production and sales scale, processing capacity and technical level continued to improve development.

According to the state authority department predicted that 2015 to 2018, China's industrial robots on the reducer of the new demand will reach 236,000 units, 296,000 units, 369,000 units and 462,000 units. In addition, the domestic market for industrial robots in accordance with the general life of 8-10 years, the future of domestic precision reducer market demand will be more than 100 million units, the annual market sales will exceed 10 billion yuan.

Special reducer industry's main market participants for China's high-speed transmission, heavy teeth and Hangzhou teeth and so on. Through the introduction of technology and research and development research, product design, process level and quality control, etc., domestic reducer has gradually narrowed the gap with the world's advanced level, product quality and cost-effective.

However, with the continuous development of the national economy, from the diverse needs of customers will reducer enterprises to put forward a higher overall strength requirements, customers will be more inclined to quality and stability, service security, product diversification of large enterprises The Therefore, the future production will be more fit the market demand, improve the quality of reducer, and the entire industry concentration will also show a rising trend.

For the future development, Sinbad motor industry experts said that with the supply side of the reform to promote the industrial structure adjustment continues to deepen, infrastructure investment increased, the market supply and demand gradually ease the contradiction between the traditional downstream industry will gradually pick up. At the same time, in the "China Manufacturing 2025" and other relevant policies and strong support for the steady growth of macroeconomic context, the trend of industrial automation and environmental protection, logistics and other emerging industries will be the development of reducer industry demand to bring new growth points.

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