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Is the brushless motor good or has a brush motor?
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Brushless motors and brushed motors are widely used. When do you use brushless motors, when do you use brush motors, brushless motors or brush motors?

      Let's first take a look at what is a brushless motor and a brushed motor. What is a brush? The brush here is not the amount of the net shop brushing brush. The brush refers to the brush. If the DC motor has a brush, the friction between the brush and the commutator and the spark problem cannot be avoided, but relatively speaking, the control The loop is simple. For control, there is good control of the brush, but for the user, the brushless motor obviously has a much longer life than the brush.

      The brushless DC motor is composed of a motor and a driver, and the brushless motor is a typical mechatronic product. In the production, since the brushless DC motor is operated in a self-controlled manner, it does not add a starting winding to the rotor like the synchronous motor with heavy-load starting under variable frequency speed regulation. The brushless motor will not be in the event of a sudden load change. Oscillation and out of step. So let's go back to our topic Brushless motor or is there a brush motor?

      First of all, the brush motor is relatively simple and easy to control, so the motor of the general household appliance is a brush motor. The brushless motor is commonly used in the industry, mainly considering the cost and long service life.

      But is there a good brushless motor or a brush motor? This depends on the specific product, some products use brush motors, but some products are more suitable for brushless motors.


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