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Linear motor how to maintain
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Linear motors are also called linear motors, linear motors, putter motors. Is a direct conversion of electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy transmission device. It can save a lot of intermediate transmission mechanism, speed up the system to reflect the speed and improve the system accuracy, so it has been widely used.

Linear motor compact structure, small power loss, fast moving speed, high acceleration, high-speed linear motor by directly driving the load, you can achieve high speed to low speed range of high-precision positioning control.

Linear motor motor low failure, maintenance-free, long life, etc., but if the environment is handled properly, there will be many problems, how to effectively suppress these problems, many manufacturers consider one of the scope, the following teach you how to deal with and maintain straight Motor:

1, wet: wet itself will erode motor parts. When wet and air particles in the mixture of pollutants, it is a fatal injury to the motor to further reduce the life of linear motor

2, the power supply problems: high-frequency switching and pulse width modulation caused by harmonic currents may cause voltage and current distortion, overload and overheating. Thus shortening the life of the motor and components, increasing long-term equipment costs. In addition, the surge itself can cause the voltage is too high and too low. To solve this problem, we must continue to pay attention to and check the power supply situation.

3, dust particles: dust and pollution Various types of suspended particles in the air will enter the motor, and produce a variety of hazards. Corrosive particles may wear parts, and conductive particles may interfere with part currents. Once the particles block the cooling channel, it will accelerate overheating. Obviously, choosing the right level of IP protection will alleviate the problem to some degree.

4, overheating: overheating is the biggest culprit motor failure. In fact, the other four reasons listed in this article are on the list, in part because they generate heat. In theory, for every 10 ° C increase in heat, the winding's insulation life is halved. So, to ensure that the motor runs at the right temperature is the best way to extend its life.

5, improper lubrication: lubrication is a degree of problem. Excessive lubrication or insufficient lubrication can be hazardous. Also, pay attention to the problem of contamination in the lubricant and the suitability of the lubricant used at hand.

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