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Maintenance and Maintenance of DC Gear Motor
- Mar 12, 2018 -

DC motor faults are mostly concentrated on brushes, commutators, bearings, and other components. These three locations are the ones most likely to fail.

Next, let's understand how to maintain and maintain the DC motor.

1 commutator maintenance:

The commutator is a very important part of the DC geared motor, and this part is also one of the main causes of the motor failure. The most difficult part to deal with is the commutator. The commutator's working condition is directly related to the working condition of the DC motor. Therefore, the maintenance of the commutator must be strengthened.

The main fault of the commutator is commutation sparks. In order to make the motor run better, we must keep the surface of the commutator clean and do regular cleaning. If the commutator surface has slight streaks or grooves. At this time, the commutator may be polished or ground, and then the surface of the commutator may be cleaned with a clean silk cloth, which is favorable for forming an oxide film to protect the commutator.

2 brush maintenance and repair

(1) Make sure that the brush/screw is tight and the brush does not affect the free movement of the brush:

(2) Make sure that the brush does not touch the non-insulator in the motor

(3) Check whether the brush can move freely within the brush holder, the spring position must be accurate, and the function is normal

(4) The distance between the brush holder and the surface of the commutator should be the same

(5) Replaced carbon brushes should be suitable for commutator surface curves

3 bearing maintenance

(1) scrape off the grease inside the bearing with a bamboo strip, and use a low-pressure steam to clean it. Because of the long time, there will be old oil or some other debris inside the bearing list.

(2) Check whether there are running circles in the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

(3) Measure the bearing clearance Check if the bearing has cracks, rust stains, etc. Rotating bearings should have smooth sound and no jamming.

(4) If you encounter the following problems you must replace the new bearing.

Inside and outside ballistic rust can not be eliminated

The inner and outer clips are excessively worn or loose.

Cracks or rust on balls or rollers

Balls or trajectories have overheating discoloration.

There is a jam during rotation.

The bearing clearance exceeds the maximum value.

The maintenance lubrication of bearings is generally determined based on the bearing rotation speed, working temperature, working environment, and ambient temperature.

The above is the problem that DC motor maintenance will encounter, but under normal circumstances, these problems will not occur unless the motor working environment is very harsh or overloaded. If you really encounter some problems on the motor, you can find the factory directly to replace or ask the technology to repair.

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