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Micro-motor parameters of the distinction
- Dec 05, 2017 -

Various types of micro-motor performance varies widely, its performance parameters are difficult to unite elucidation. In general, the power used to drive the machine focuses on operating and starting energy indicators; for power supply to consider the output power, waveform and stability; control micro-motor is biased in favor of static and dynamic characteristics of the parameters. The first two types of motor characteristics and general parameters similar to the motor.

Only the control of micro-motor has its own unique characteristics of parameters.

The meaning of miniature motor model:

The first letter represents the appearance: R represents a circle, F represents a flat, S represents a rectangle;

The second letter represents the type of brush: E, A, U: metal brush; F, D: metal plate fork brush; C, K, H, S, T:

The third number represents the rotor diameter;

The fourth number represents the length of the magnet or housing;

The fifth number represents the number of rotor slots: 0 for 3 slots, 5 for 5 slots, and 3 for 12 slots.

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