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Motor applications
- Jan 22, 2018 -

It was born two hundred years ago, and a "guy" who has been playing for more than two hundred years has now become the pillar of human society!

Motor from the moment it was born, has always been the darling of mankind. Once upon a time, the masters grind it carefully every day, and now engineers are finding ways to precisely control it.

Servo motor achievements robot

People who have seen "My Robot Girlfriend" have been impressed by the film's perfect, hot, and intelligent IQ that is comparable to human robots. In fact, stripping robot gorgeous appearance, which is a lot of motor and sensor, the smooth action of this robot is through the use of servo motor and microcomputer control technology to achieve.

This is due in part to the benefits of microelectronics, power electronics, and computational technology, in particular, and the further maturation of servo motor manufacturing technology on the other hand

Japan has a robot called "Mura that puck" will ride a bike. It can ride on a balance beam ramp of the same width as the wheel, and will not fall even when stopped. Not only that, but the robot can park or retreat when obstacles are found. If you see a robot that will ride a bike, it will be shocked.

Such superb car technology, mainly because of this robot with attitude sensing gyro sensor, send and receive commands Bluetooth module, eye camera, etc., these devices in the perception of external information will be quickly passed to the controller, and then the controller will issue Control signals drive servo motor system to quickly adjust posture. Servo motor system here is the use of a variety of motor torque and force generated, directly or indirectly, to drive the robot body to get a variety of robot movements.

The tram is very interesting now

Saying "who has a permanent magnet traction system, whoever has the right to speak high-speed rail." Permanent magnet traction system is composed of two parts of the converter and the motor. The converter is equivalent to the heart of the train. The motor is like the muscle of the train. The motor is mainly responsible for transmitting power and accomplishing the transformation from electrical energy to mechanical energy to drive the smooth running of the train.

Now in major cities in order to ease traffic pressure, are scrambling to build the subway. In some new subway use a motor called a linear motor to drive. This new technology motor we can think of it as a rotating motor stator and rotor deployment, respectively, mounted on the vehicle and the track, the rotor's rotational movement directly into a linear motion. The practical application of linear motor-driven electromagnetic subway using flat linear induction motor, the stator side of the car, the rotor side on the ground in the middle of the track. Stator and rotor interaction to promote the train forward, the train support and guidance system is still using iron wheels.

Relative to the rotating motor, this linear motor vehicles canceled the transmission, improve the impact of the wheel and rail, in operation can significantly reduce the noise level.

After the history of the motor industry precipitation, can be said that the motor has been fully integrated into the blood of people's lives. With the improvement of motor quality requirements, the motor testing industry is also gradually emerging. Every little better life, will require more precision motor work. In particular, the current servo motor, in order to ensure that it can have precise control of the actual dynamic conditions, the previous test must have a dynamic test link to simulate a dynamic condition.

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