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Motor carbon brush purchase and maintenance
- May 02, 2018 -

Motor carbon brush, motor brush selection and maintenance

According to the application objects of motor carbon brush and motor brush, it can be divided into: brush for turbine generator, useful brush for rolling steel motor, brush for traction motor, brush for AC motor, brush for aircraft motor.

What is the big spark at the motor brush?

There are two possible first, brush is not good device is not accurate. Second, the rotor short circuit. General brush unit pressure is too high, the brush wear increased, the unit pressure is too small, the touch instability, simple mechanical sparks.

Brush sparking factors and exclusion methods

Causes Factors Treatments

a Additional pole misadjustment ---------- Use shunt or adjust additional pole air gap, or switch the brush type.

b Mica Outstanding ------------- Lower mica or use of abrasive brush

c The commutator increases the distance between the connecting pieces of the commutator

d Inaccurate brush orientation ---------- Adjust the brush holder to the correct orientation

e brush holder distance or place unevenly ------- correct brush holder distance and place

f The commutator or slip ring is too painful--------It is best to turn or grind at the extra speed

g The commutator is loose, and the commutator piece is concave and convex. ------ Fasten, turn or grind from scratch

h Commutation piece is oily ------------ Sweeping reversal piece and sealed bearing

i The brush sticks or stays in the brush holder--------See if the brush scale is accurate. Sweep the brush and brush to remove any burrs

j brush wear-out ------------------------ break-in brush

k brush type not suitable for motor

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