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Motor rotor Coreless how to use plastic introduced
- Jan 20, 2018 -

What is a Coreless motor? Coreless motor in the structure of a traditional motor structure of the rotor broke through the use of non-iron core rotor, also known as Coreless rotor.


       Then we in order to prevent the motor winding off at high speed, so winding need to use glue protection, either manual winding or machine winding, in order to improve production efficiency, the general use of the machine will be more winding, Today we will focus on how to use plastic winding machine. A brief introduction to the technological process is to form a Coreless model after winding the machine, put the formed Coreless into a proportioned glue and soak it, remove it, and dry it. After completing these operations, a Coreless can be considered as a finished product, Not only for the Coreless play a role in bonding and fixing, but also well protected. Which glue is suitable? To recommend an EP903, is the best choice for motor Coreless winding. Let's take a look at this section glue parameters.


Tools / raw materials


Mixing ratio: A: B = 100: 80-90 (weight ratio)

Curing conditions: 70 -80 / 2-3H +105 / 4-6H or 100 ℃ × 6-8H


Method / step

Glue products need to be kept dry and clean; workplaces need to be ventilated;

Motor rotor Coreless how to use plastic introduced

When using please check A agent, observe whether there is settlement, and A agent fully stir;

Motor rotor Coreless how to use plastic introduced

 According to the ratio of taking, and weighed accurately, please remember that ratio is the weight ratio rather than the volume ratio, A, B agents should be fully mixed after mixing to avoid incomplete curing;

Sizing, the glue will gradually penetrate the gap in the product, if necessary, please vacuum treatment, so that the product can be discharged air to obtain better pressure and electrical insulation properties;

Very few people contact glue for a long time will produce mild skin allergies, mild itching, it is recommended to wear protective gloves, stick to the skin, wipe with acetone or alcohol, and use detergent to clean;

In a large number of use before, please try a small amount to master the product's use of skills, so as to avoid errors.

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