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Parameter and Calculation Formula of DC Geared Motor
- Jan 03, 2018 -

DC gearmotors are one of the usual gearmotors and are widely used in the field of mechanical intelligence. Today Shenzhen Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd. give you a brief introduction to its specific reference, and its related formula is what? as follows:

1. Micro DC gear motor, low speed, high torque, the maximum allowable load 1.5 kg.cm

2. In line with the EU environmental protection and energy efficiency requirements, CE, ROHS, IOS9001 certificate.

5. The reduction gear box has four levels: 18K, 23K, 5: 35K, 44K, 55K, 6: 67K, 84K, 105K, 132K, 7: 161K, 202K, 252K, 316K, 8: 386K , 484K, 606K, 758K.

The DC motor speed is 2000 ± 5% rpm to 20000 ± 5% rpm.

Gear motor (outer diameter 20mm) Outline drawing:

Geared motor calculation formula:

Geared motor output speed = motor output speed / gear ratio

Gear motor output torque = Motor output torque X Gear ratio X Gearbox efficiency

Output torque of gear motor: output torque of motor x reduction ratio x gearbox efficiency;

Output speed of gear motor: output speed of motor / reduction ratio

     DC gear motor to be applied to: automatic lock fast, fingerprint lock, safe lock, 3D drawing pen, binding machine, cash registers, spotlights, tissue machine, office equipment, household appliances, labeling machines, remote control curtains, automatic stability Piezoelectric, grill, oven, washing machine, garbage disposer, household appliances, slot machine, bill validator, automatic actuator, coffee maker, towel dispenser, stage lighting, coin back coin dispenser, pump ·· ····

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