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Pay attention to the car wiper motor, heavy maintenance
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Do wiper motor maintenance, first and foremost to prevent foreign body "hurt."

    The nurse reminds the owner that the small particles such as sand will stick to the wiper motor and the windshield during normal driving. At this moment, the flat surface of the wiper blade may be damaged, causing the scraping to be not clean and usually available Soft cloth to wipe the rubber contact surface, can be attached to the sand and dust removed, so wiper blades and windshield at the same time get good protection.

  In addition, different colors also have different maintenance tips.

  After the rainy day should be washed out as soon as possible car, the acid composition of the rain easily lead to the formation of plastic strips; winter cleaning glass icing and snow, cut with a wiper motor hard brush, resulting wiper blade damage; often change the strip contact surface Tilt shape to prevent deformation; when the wiper blade fit is not tight, professional repair shop should be as soon as possible to adjust to prevent the formation of security risks.

  Maintenance division also advocates car owners, in addition to regular inspection, the wiper blade is best to replace once every six months to one. Car owners usually use the car to develop superior habits, do not dry scratch, it is best to spray a little water and then open the wiper motor, which is conducive to the protection of wiper blades; in the case of long-term parking of vehicles, you can use wood Like the little things, pad in the wiper, the wiper blade and the windshield separated from each other, so as to extend the service life of the wiper.

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