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Precision instrument micro-motor application
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Precision instrument micro-motor application

With the development of technology, the miniaturization of the automation field has led to an increasing demand for the minimum optimal production. Whether it is in electronic or micro-mechanical engineering, precision instruments must be applied precisely where needed, which makes the high flexibility of micro-motors become a vital part of the precision instruments application. According to the use of the micromotors, the precision instrument must also be very compact, so the microdrive is the most suitable power supply. It is compact in design, capable of providing high performance, high dynamics and precise controllability. The core unit of the micromotor in a precision instrument is a rotating unit. It is a fully enclosed volumetric system that includes an automatically closed rotor and stator. The rotating motion of the rotor is controlled by the actual displacement and the commutator also allows the system to be transported backward.


Precision instrument dispenser modules requires the highest possible output pressure, which means that high torque drives are essential. The only viable method is a miniature motor gear. Brushed DC motors with encoders and planetary gearbox are the best solution. Brushed DC motors offer the best economic value. Motor brush rectification provides simple pulse width adjustment and torque. The integrated encoder ensures the instrument. The accuracy of the gear reduction further improves the rotor resolution.

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