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Reason for using helical gears in gearmotor parts
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Reasons for using helical gears in parts of geared motors

  Spur gear is gear teeth parallel to the shaft. The disadvantage of spur gears is that they can vibrate, whether for design, manufacturing or deformation reasons, some variation of the involute shape may occur along the entire tooth surface at the agreed time, which will result in a regular, The excitation of each tooth, it is often very strong, the resulting vibration both in the gear caused by a large load, but also cause noise. The other is that sometimes the additional strength obtained by the meshing of the two teeth during the contact time can not be used because the stress is limited by the single tooth meshing condition in the cycle.

  The helical gear can be regarded as a cylindrical gear which is prevented from being misaligned by a set of flake teeth, so that the contact of each flank is in different parts of the flank profile, resulting in the effect of compensating for the flaw error of each flake, which is due to The elasticity of the gear teeth is very effective, and as a result, the result is that the teeth with an error of less than 10 mm can average the error.

  It is difficult and less economical to make and assemble a large pile of spaghetti gears, so it is a coherent, helical gear. Unlike helical gears, helical gears can cause poor axial forces. But the benefits of vibration and strength outweigh the disadvantages of axial thrust and slightly increased manufacturing costs, so helical rather than spur gears are used in geared motors.

  Common problems of run-in motor gear wear fast, misoperation, poor lubrication, the phenomenon of loosening and leakage. Due to the processing, assembly and commissioning of the new reducer motor parts, the contact area of the mating surface is small and the torque applied is large. During the operation of the geared motor, the concave and convex parts of the surface part rub against each other and the falling metal fragments Debris, but also abrasive, continue to participate in the friction, more accelerated parts wear with the surface. Therefore, the running-in period is likely to cause wear and tear parts, and then wear too fast, but also overload, it may cause damage to parts, resulting in early failure.

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