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Repair of common deceleration motors
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Micro deceleration motors are increasingly favored by the masses in the development process, but in the course of usual use, there will still be large and small questions, so we need to learn the corresponding common sense, and we can do minor repairs.

Miniature gear motor shaft twists and turns If the degree of tortuosity is not large, can choose to use the grinding method to repair; If the twist exceeds 0.2mm, can use the press to trim, the surface will be polished after correction, can be recovered as is; if the twists and turns When it is too large to be repaired, it must be promptly replaced.

When the journal wear of the miniature deceleration motor wears little on the journal, a layer of chrome can be plated on the journal and then polished to the required dimension. When the wear is severe, the overlay welding can be used first, and then the window can be used to trim the gauge; When the journal wears to a position where it cannot be repaired, think about replacement.

The transverse crack depth of the shaft crack or cracking axis does not exceed 10% to 15% of the shaft diameter. When the longitudinal crack does not exceed 10% of the shaft length, it can be surfacing first, and then trimmed to reach the specification. If cracking and cracking are too severe, think about replacement.

Repair of the miniature speed reducer motor housing and end cover The gap between the housing and the end cover is too large to be surfacing and then trimmed. If the bearing end cap is loose, the punch can be used to trim and then the bearing can be driven into the end. Cover, for high-power miniature geared motors, can be trimmed by electroplating or other methods.

Peacetime maintenance is mainly appropriate to reduce and prevent motor malfunction during operation. The most important part is to strengthen the inspection process and promptly sweep away any sources of abnormal phenomena. After the occurrence of the incident, it is necessary to carefully analyze the incidents and adopt countermeasures, which is to reduce the number of incidents, reduce the maintenance workload, and improve the indispensable technical work of the micro deceleration motor operating power.

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