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Servo motor installation precautions
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Servo motor refers to the servo system in the control of mechanical components of the engine, is a supplementary motor indirect transmission. Servo motor can control speed, position accuracy is very accurate, the voltage signal can be converted into torque and speed to drive the control object

First, the servo motor oil and water protection

A: The servo motor can be used in places where water or oil droplets are attacked, but it is not waterproof or oil resistant. Therefore, the servo motor should not be placed or used in an environment of water or oil intrusion.

B: If the servo motor is connected to a reduction gear, use a servo motor to refill the seal to prevent the oil from reducing gear from entering the servo motor

C: The servo motor cable should not be immersed in oil or water.

Second, the servo motor cable → reduce stress

A: Ensure that the cable is not subjected to torque or vertical loads due to external bending forces or their own weight, especially at the cable outlet or at the junction. B: When the servo motor is moving, the cable (that is, the root with the motor configuration) should be securely fastened to a stationary part (relative to the motor) and should be extended with an additional cable in the cable support It, so that the bending stress can be minimized. C: The elbow radius of the cable is as large as possible.

Third, the servo motor allows the shaft end load

A: Make sure that the radial and axial loads added to the servo motor shaft during installation and operation are within the specified value for each model.

B: Be especially careful when installing a rigid coupling, especially excessive bending loads may cause damage to the shaft end and bearing

C: It is best to use a flexible coupling so that the radial load is below the permissible value, which is designed for high mechanical strength servomotors.

D: For the allowable axis load, refer to "Allowed Axis Load Table" (User's Guide).

Fourth, the servo motor installation Note

A: Do not use the hammer to tap the shaft end when installing / removing the coupling part to the servo motor shaft end. (Hammer directly hit the shaft end, servo motor shaft at the other end of the encoder to be knocked bad)

B: Try to align the shaft end to the optimum condition (which may cause vibration or bearing damage).

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