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Sewer remote control equipment
- May 28, 2018 -

Thousands of miles of sewers are responsible for handling important tasks and must operate reliably. The general diameter is large enough to implement internal inspection and maintenance. There is not enough space for small sewers to accommodate humans. As the following waterways are damaged, the only solution is to inspect the entire affected pipeline. This is an expensive task. However, with the new developments in the area of electronics and motion control engineering, people are able to inspect and maintain the interior of small sewers. In the sewage treatment department, all tools must meet the standards of high reliability and high performance, and therefore the remote control device drivers for these sewers must be very powerful. Modern bell-type armature DC motors meet the stringent requirements of the internal piping system.

With a micro DC motor with a coreless rotor (manufactured by XBD), the problem is solved. For example, there are nine such motors for remote control devices to allow flexible operation underground. The drive consists of four axes, each consisting of a 3557 series ...CR motor. The motor is coupled to the gear head to ensure optimum adjustment of speed and traction.

The advantage of this solution lies in the fact that the same remote control device configures the large wheels to work in large pipes; the lower step gear reduces the rotation speed and is proportional to the wheel size. Therefore, speed and traction are independent of the wheel diameter; vehicle operators can adapt to various sizes of pipeline service work. The cylinder is squeezed from the inside of the pipe to the upper side of the wheel to provide a safe driving position for the vehicle. Even minor damage such as cracks or dents in the pipe can be easily overcome by the rubber tire. Despite the small size, the combined drive of the four drive motors is approximately 1,000 N (ie: 100 kg).

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