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Simulation robots in the field of life
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Imagine that one day your room has a "person" with the same appearance as you, but the appearance is unbelievably realistic. Although this "person" has no flesh and blood, but this kind of simulation robot in China, this scene is no longer a science fiction novel, but a fact.

Today's simulation robots combine real-life and robotic technologies. The appearance of the robot is fully simulated. Even hair and eyebrows require a lot of labor. The outer shell of the simulation robot is made of siliceous material, so it is flexible and feels almost the same as a real person.

XBD motor makes the robot wink and wave

High-power motors are a key indicator of the life of a robot. Due to its high efficiency and small size, XBD motor products have been able to improve these motors with diverse parameters, precision motors with a diameter of 16 to 40 mm, and rotors with two pairs of pole pairs for ultra-high power in the drive. density. Eyes, eyelids and mouth movements are also driven by XBD motors.

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