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Sinbad Motor for Smart Home Sweeper
- Jan 17, 2019 -

As technology advances, people become more and more "lazy." It is precisely because there are so many people who are trying to "slack" to drive new things and new inventions. The household sweeper is a representative. The home sweeper is not as mysterious as everyone thinks. It is a combination of wireless network technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies. It can also be said to be a batch of smart home appliances. The body of the sweeper is generally a disc, relying on wireless, remote control and body operation buttons to set the work, through the built-in sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, can detect obstacles, thereby achieving collision, route planning, etc. Features.

Sinbad Motor has been focusing on the development of coreless dc motors. The sweeping machine in the market has the problem of loud noise, insufficient wheel torque (easy to get stuck in a narrow space), the main brush is not clean or stuck (hair jam), resulting in sweeping the floor. The low life of the machine (core motor) causes a bad customer experience. Sinbad Motor has optimized the internal structure of the hollow cup motor by analyzing the design and appearance of the coreless dc motor of the sweeper, so that it has better shrinkage and increased torque to make better movement in a small space. The above development and design for specific customers, only as a demonstration of the housekeeping service robot sweeping machine motor. Shenzhen Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd. can design, develop and produce coreless dc motors according to the special needs of customers.

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