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Sinbad Motor is applied in the filed of aviation
- Jan 10, 2019 -

In the aerospace industry, actuators are required for a large number of application functions. For example, the number of revolutions and speeds need to be adjusted and limited by adjusting the operating lever and valve. In this type of actuator, Sinbad Motor plays an extremely important role. Actuators convert electrical signals into mechanical motion or other physical quantities (such as pressure or temperature) and thereby actively intervene in the control system. For example, in specific applications such as aerospace, there are extremely high requirements for actuators: light weight, small footprint, high dynamic force, and ability to withstand harsh operations such as strong vibrations, high temperatures or low temperatures and other environmental conditions.


All safety-related functions on the aircraft are in principle dual-motor actuators. Because important systems are usually equipped with two or three sets when designing an aircraft. Actuators are also equipped with two sets of drives in accordance with this principle, and in the event of a set of devices failing, the other set can continue to operate. The actuator can be used on a propeller that shuts off the supply of fuel in the event of a fire. In order to ensure that this safety function is effective at all times and under all circumstances, the actuator here is equipped with two motors.


Actuators and valves are used in many places in an aircraft. It is therefore also required that actuators and valves must be able to meet a variety of different requirements. For example, a hot water valve must be operated as usual at -55 ° C or 85 ° C, and the motor used in the valve must naturally be durable. The ideal motor must have the following important qualities: the best volume/performance ratio, low power consumption, high temperature tolerance, long life, vibration and shock resistance, and good corrosion resistance. The Sinbad DC motor is equipped with high-efficiency permanent magnets, and the core component of the motor is the iron-free winding system. Compared with the traditional DC motor, this motor has a special advantage: the Sinbad DC motor uses an iron-free armature pure copper winding. Therefore, the rotor is light in weight and can achieve a very small moment of inertia. In addition, the acceleration is also very large. The magnetic torque is not generated at all, the rotor can therefore be stopped at the desired position at any time, which is an extremely important feature for positioning the drive. Sinbad Motor's bearings are extremely rugged and have a long service life, making them ideal for aerospace applications.


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