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Small planetary gear motor installation and lubrication
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Planetary gear motors, small gear motors, gear boxes and other gear transmission products are mainly used in medical equipment, industrial automation, office supplies, smart home, mechanical transmission and other fields. Low noise, high efficiency and other characteristics. In the production process, how do we install and lubricate the planetary gear motor to ensure product quality?

The following simple introduction to the planetary gear motor installation and lubrication methods:

First, the installation

1, a small geared motor generally need to be installed on the level of inclination must not exceed 10 °

2, the input shaft and the output shaft and the power and supporting mechanical connection, such as coupling with the shaft, the shaft and the shaft requires strict alignment, may not have different heart phenomenon, the use of V-belt and chain should not be too tight or too loose.

3, the installation screws should be checked regularly tightened, fixed firmly, the gasket as much as possible the choice of spring gasket.

4, the installation of the foundation should be solid and reliable, may not have vibration, loose phenomenon, the screws should be strictly in accordance with the relevant standards, the provisions of choice.

Second, lubrication

1, the first use of 50 hours, should immediately replace the new oil, and clean the body of oil, every three months after a thorough replacement.

2, oil seal leakage as soon as possible to replace themselves.

3, the planetary gear motor oil pool lubrication generally used, be sure to pay attention to the use of extreme pressure gear oil N220 or N320 to the required position (the lowest gear at 20-30mm), and regular replenishment.

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