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Small reducer related accessories introduction and application
- Dec 23, 2017 -

Small reducer in the design and application process will be designed to use many attachments, the following is the most common, wide range of applications several reducer attachment:

a. Dipstick. Wide range of uses, simple, not easy to damage, for oil pool lubrication, with oil dipstick sleeve affected by oil fluctuations moderate. Without oil dipstick set can only check the oil level downtime to avoid abnormalities;

b. Circulating oil lubrication cooling system. When the carrying capacity of the reducer is greatly reduced by the heating limit, a circulating oil lubrication cooling system should be added, which is more complicated.

c. Heating system. When the working temperature of the transmission is below 0 , a heater should be set in the oil sump of the decelerator or in the oil tank of the circulating oil lubrication system to make the oil tank reach about 10 before it can be switched on. Such heating devices are generally used Sealed steel tube built-in resistance heater, in addition to set the heater in the pipeline.

d. lever system. Suspension-mounted reducer rod system should be in order to limit the role of external torque, the whole slewing.


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