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Some applications of linear motors are introduced
- Nov 11, 2017 -

Linear motor structure can be made according to the needs of flat, cylindrical or disc type and other types, it can use the general AC power, DC power can also be a variety of power supplies such as pulse power supply work. The linear motor pulls a thousand-kilogram helicopter in a matter of seconds to hundreds of kilometers an hour, and when it's running under vacuum, it can reach speeds of thousands and even thousands of kilometers per hour . In the military, people use it to make a variety of electromagnetic guns, and try to use it for a variety of missiles, rocket launch; in the transportation industry, people use linear motor made of magnetic levitation trains up to 500km per hour In the industrial sector, linear motors are used in the production of some mechanical equipment for wire delivery and various lateral or vertical movements. In addition to high-speed, high-thrust linear motors, low speed and fine features such as a stepper linear motor with 1-μn step accuracy make the use of linear motors more sophisticated Such as computer head drive, camera shutter, automatic plotter, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, a variety of automated equipment and so on. In addition, linear motors are also used in a wide range of civil applications such as door, window, table, chair movement, door locks, opening and closing of motorized curtains and more.

   In summary, the linear motor can be widely used in industrial, civil, military and other linear motion of the occasion, the use of linear motor-driven devices and other non-linear motor-driven device compared to it has the following six advantages:

(1) The use of linear motor-driven transmission, it does not require any conversion device and directly produce thrust, so it can eliminate the intermediate conversion mechanism, simplifying the entire device or system to ensure the reliability of the operation, transfer efficiency, Lower manufacturing costs and easy maintenance.

(2) The ordinary rotary motor is limited in its peripheral speed due to the centrifugal force, whereas the linear motor is not subjected to the centrifugal force due to its components and transmission unlike the rotary motor, so its linear speed is not limited .

(3) Linear motor is a linear thrust force generated directly by the electric energy, it is in the drive, which can be no mechanical contact movement, the transmission components wear-free, thus greatly reducing the mechanical loss, such as linear motor-driven maglev train That's it.

(4) rotating motor through the steel wire rope, rack, belts and other converted into a linear motor is driven by the electromagnetic pick-up drive, so the whole device or system noise is small or no noise, good operating environment.

(5) Since the linear motor has a simple structure, and its primary core can be sealed with epoxy resin after being embedded into the whole body, it can be used in some special occasions, for example, it can be used in humid or even watery places; Gas or toxic, harmful gas applications. Can also be used at temperatures of several thousand degrees or under a few hundred degrees below zero.

(6) As the linear motor structure is simple, linear motor cooling is also better, especially the common flat short primary linear motor, the primary core and the winding end directly exposed to the air, while the secondary is very long, with a large Of the cooling surface, the heat is very easy to dissipate, so this type of linear motor thermal load can be obtained higher, and does not require additional cooling device.

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