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Some Suggestions on Servo Motor Selection
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Servo motor selection calculation method:

First, the speed and encoder resolution confirmation.

Second, the motor shaft load torque conversion and acceleration and deceleration torque calculation.

Third, the calculation of load inertia, inertia of the match, to Tamo River servo motor, for example, part of the product inertia matching up to 50 times, but the actual smaller the better, so the accuracy and response speed.

Fourth, the calculation and selection of regenerative resistance, for the servo, generally more than 2kw, to the external configuration.

5, cable selection, encoder cable twisted shield, for the Tamagawa servo and other Japanese products absolute value encoder is 6 core, incremental type is 4 core.

(T) and the required external force F (t) for the linear motion velocity v (t), the angular velocity (t) for the rotational motion, the angular acceleration (t) and the required Torque T (t), which can be expressed as a function of time, independent of other factors. obviously. The maximum power of the motor P motor, the maximum should be greater than the peak power P peak required for the workload, but only so is not enough, the physical sense of power contains both the torque and the speed, but in the actual drive they are restricted of. Use the peak, T peak to represent the maximum or peak. The maximum speed of the motor determines the upper limit of the gear reduction ratio, n upper limit = peak value, maximum / peak value. Similarly, the maximum torque of the motor determines the lower limit of the reduction ratio, n lower limit = T peak / T motor, n upper limit, the selected motor is not suitable. On the contrary, you can determine the range between the upper and lower limits for a wide range of ratios for each motor. Only the peak power as the principle of selecting the motor is not sufficient, and the exact calculation of the transmission ratio is very cumbersome.

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