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Stepper motor 12v induced deceleration sensor asked
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Generally do a test of things, that is, interference, basically impossible to measure, the oscilloscope waveform is full of plush. Grounding, plus filters, what are the methods of a try, there is no effect at all.

    The machine is driven by a stepper motor to rotate the sensor, the structure can not be changed by other methods. Ever since the Internet search, online buy a servo that the servo motor interference than the stepper motor small, so use the servo test and found that the servo motor interference larger. This can illustrate a problem, do not deify the servo motor. This signal was severely disturbed and the servo motor was more disruptive than the stepper motor.

    So long been looking for sources of interference, this experiment has been no progress. Because of the wave shape, the wave is long and the customer will certainly not accept it.

   Later, for a stepper motor and the voltage is 12v, without the sensor installed, so the motor is thrown on the ground rotation, then the oscilloscope waveform display is very beautiful. Then the motor and the sensor touch, the waveform appears again, indicating that the induction signal generated when the motor is energized from the metal shell has been passed into the sensor.

   Finally found the source of interference, so the motor and sensor insulation connection, problem solving. In many cases, problem solving is not accomplished by experience, nor by theory, but by chance coincidence + luck.

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