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The advantages of Coreless motors for stepper drives are all there
- Nov 14, 2017 -

A friend does not know what is Coreless motor and its advantages do not know, then Xiaobian or give you a detailed talk.


Let's start with the first question What is a Coreless motor? In fact, the point is that there is no motor inside the iron core rotor, but its efficiency is very high, the efficiency of up to 95%.


There is a Coreless motor control performance better, start and brake are very good, there is the response speed is very fast, this time is even less than 28 milliseconds this is a concept, and some even Can reach amazing 10 milliseconds below,


So under rated conditions to run, you can quickly go to the speed of the sensitive adjustment, and this alone, his advantage is much better than the other motor upgrade a lot.


Coreless motor has a high load stability, the fluctuations generated by the rotation is also very small, so the speed of the micro-motor is still relatively easy to control the fluctuations are generally within 2%, there is a Coreless The motor energy density is very significant


Improve, if the core power of about the same amount of power, then the weight of the volume will be reduced to one-third, so this feature is generally used in the field of aerospace.


For our country to explore the high-tech now continue to deepen, and slowly military supplies have begun to turn civilian use, the advantages of this hollow-cup motor features have begun to slowly highlight, mainly its main advantage, the reaction Fast, small, most important


Is the energy conversion is relatively high, the linear characteristics of the more obvious, so that in different areas have their place, and this Coreless motor is the structural breakthrough in the traditional form of the motor, so the resulting loss is also compared small.

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