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The Design Requirement of DC Gear Motor
- Oct 19, 2018 -

The lubrication, cooling, selection of lubricating oil and the system technology closely related to the sealing of the closed gear transmission are very important and difficult to do. Any refined gear unit may be glued, pitting, and poorly lubricated. Damage such as wear and tear. DC gear motor design has the following aspects to pay attention to:


The function of lubrication is to make the meshing surface of the gear, the opposite moving surface of the bearing form an oil film, reduce the local contact stress concentration, reduce friction and wear and power loss and save power where the lubricating oil can prevent corrosion, mitigate shock, reduce noise, and Cleaning, flushing the drive and surface debris and abrasive particles.


Lubrication can take away the heat of the relative moving contact surface, reduce the local high temperature and dissipate the heat. But often rely on the heat absorption and heat transfer of the lubricating oil and the heat dissipation on the surface of the machine body is insufficient to keep the gear device running at the allowable temperature and resulting in lubrication. The solution is supplemented by a cooling device.


Sealing is a problem that is inevitable due to lubrication and cooling. Poor sealing and leakage of lubricating oil not only fail to meet the requirements of civilized production, but also cause loss of lubricating oil, failure of lubrication and may also contaminate the production site and cause harm to the human body.

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