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The details to pay attention to when replacing carbon brushes
- Mar 15, 2018 -

Replacing carbon brushes is still a relatively dangerous operation, and many workers are not infrequent in the formation of damage to the body when replacing carbon brushes. Therefore, when replacing a carbon brush, what should you watch out for? This kind of details, how to distinguish the carbon brush is not a demand replacement.


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Severe abrasion of the carbon brush is not constrained in detail. It is almost one-third of the whole; the damage is severe due to the poor quality of the carbon brushes and the high temperature during the application of the carbon brushes. There is still a very good situation during the application process. It is the demand for carbon brushes.

There are many alternatives to carbon brushes and there are many things to pay attention to. When replacing a carbon brush, two people need to work together, but two people cannot work together and need one person to supervise one person to operate. The operator avoids the touch of the conductor during the operation and stands on the insulating mat during the replacement process. When replacing carbon brushes, do not replace multiple carbon brushes together, one by one. Replace the carbon brush is also to replace the original type of carbon brush, to ensure and replace the two carbon brushes are the same.

The number of carbon brushes that can be replaced at a time cannot exceed 3 at each stage. Careful and careful attention must also be paid to the operation. Do not touch the rotating parts during the replacement process. Therefore, the operator must fasten the cuffs at the time of the operation, and the equipment should be easily caught in the local area, so as to avoid injuring workers. Wear insulated gloves during the hours of operation and the best worker wears a safety helmet.

Therefore, when replacing a carbon brush, the operator must pay attention to his own safety and ensure that the carbon brush is replaced in a safe condition.

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