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The first application of high voltage DC brushless motor on the hair dryer
- Jul 14, 2018 -

The first application of high voltage DC brushless motor on the hair dryer

After kicking the DC brushless motor for the hair curler, kicking and kicking electronics also aimed at the development and experiment of the hair dryer brushless motor.

           Hair dryers, also known as hair dryers, are mostly used for commercial use (of course, households are also essential). For example, hairdressers require high wind power and long life. However, the motor on the blower is required to have a load characteristic of the brushless motor. , the power is large and so on.

         In addition, long life is one of the advantages of a brushless motor, so there is no problem from a technical point of view. However, the hair dryer is generally powered by high-voltage DC, and because the installation space is limited, the size of the motor is relatively limited, resulting in failure to meet the corresponding technical requirements.

          For example, the general hair dryer requires DC310V. If the speed is about 10000rpm, the output power will reach 80W. In addition, if the safety factor, power factor, etc. are taken into account, this is more important for brushless motors with a size of less than 40mm. Difficult.

         At the same time, some countries such as Japan have some high-voltage power supply such as 110V. For certain types of customers, the motor speed needs to reach 14,000 rpm, and the load wind wheel should reach 8000-9000 rpm. This is a very big challenge for the 3640 motor.

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