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The introduction mobai shared bicycle smart lock coreless motor
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Mobay shared bicycle smart lock motor belongs to low power micro gear motor. The main structure is composed of reduction gear box and motor. It usually adopts customized power, parameters, specifications and performance.


The shared bicycle smart lock is a fully automatic electronic lock that uses a low-power Bluetooth technology 4.0 or WIFI signal to replace the physical key, which can lock and unlock the bicycle more than the distance of the bicycle (or operate directly in the application). Through GPS positioning and Internet links, you don’t have to worry about losing when you use it.


Shared bicycle intelligent locking system development case:

Shared bicycle smart lock principle

   The shared bicycle application is actually completed by the information transfer between the "cycling-cloud-user mobile phone", and the key is to cancel the smart lock process. At present, the new "GPS positioning + Bluetooth" unlocking and returning mode has become more common. The use of Bluetooth to achieve the unlocking of the smart lock by the mobile phone can reduce the traffic (communication tariff) and power consumption of the smart lock. However, with Bluetooth, stability and compatibility are not possible. Therefore, the traditional, relatively power-hungry unlocking method (manual password unlocking, GSM SMS or GPRS traffic unlocking) is often retained as an alternative.

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