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The Motor Industry Must See - How to Improve the Product Quality
- Nov 08, 2017 -

In today's market, product competition is fierce and many products are in a saturated or weak state. Besides the fact that the price is the factor considered by the consumers, more consideration is given to the quality and reliability of the products. Therefore, quality is the life of the enterprise, the price is not the only factor in the competition of the enterprise, and the higher goal is to pursue the superiority of the product quality - the applicability of the product and the requirement of the user. Quality comes from the production process, from management. All enterprises according to their own characteristics, improve product quality, there are different management methods. Improve product quality awareness, first of all, to enhance staff awareness is the backbone of the production, and then ordinary production workers, have set product quality in the first place in the production of whatever quality problems, the first is the right thing, if it is human factors , And then find out the responsible person, never conceal, resolutely investigate and punish, should follow the following principle of "three noes"

quality problems never miss;

the root cause of the problem do not find out clearly;

do not find a solution to the problem will never miss.

1, improve the production workshop management

Materials according to category, uniform placement within the specified range Neat discharge.

all the material clearly marked, stacked in the designated location.

2, improve the job responsibility system, team members in addition to doing their job, the post within the scope of equipment protection, environmental hygiene, etc. must be maintained at all times. This practice not only regulates management, but also increases workers' sense of responsibility and urgency and plays a positive role in understanding and implementing the system.

3, the establishment of mutual insurance system, the strict control of the quality of production operations, the next process on the procedures for the number and quality of confirmed half of the process on the strict control of products, quality problems in a timely manner to ensure that qualified Product warehousing.

4, in the production process must be the main parameters of the product quality inspection point measurement, do the first inspection record, does not meet the timely response and make adjustments, so as to further ensure the quality of manufactured products play an effective role.

5, where there is irregularities, resolutely announced to all members in the form of notification. This approach has a certain educational effect on the thinking of workers and managers.

6, Recognize and reward meritorious persons who timely discover quality problems and avoid further accidents. This approach is to encourage all employees involved in quality management, the effect is obvious.

Through pragmatic monitoring, the quality awareness of workers has been enhanced. Workers can take the initiative to think of ways to solve the problems encountered in the production process. The quality is improved to a certain extent, which plays an active role in reducing the production cost. We should follow the principle of "heavier penalties for quality accidents that are easy to avoid and relatively less serious quality accidents that are difficult to avoid". Can be found responsible for the implementation of the punishment of individuals, can not find the responsible person's punishment implemented to the entire team or work area. This approach to improve the quality of finished products workers to establish awareness has played a positive role, the quality of checks from the original inspectors supervision and inspection into a full quality control, the quality of the product to further improve.

Quality is the life of the enterprise. In modern society, the competition of enterprises is essentially the competition of products, and the competitiveness of products is mainly reflected in quality. The reason why leading companies in all industries have strong competitiveness is that they are always focusing on the theme of product quality as a challenge and an opportunity to improve management and operation and develop new technologies to produce higher quality products .

Product quality is the key to the survival of enterprises. In order to survive and develop, enterprises must improve product quality, use science and technology, talent creativity, strengthen enterprise management, enhance product competitiveness and better provide users with satisfactory products. Quality is the basis of enterprise's benefit, development and reputation. With the improvement of quality, there is a market for the enterprise. Therefore, focusing on quality, business development is possible. Concerned about the needs of people, companies may be invincible, product quality and economic efficiency are dialectical unity, there is no good quality, no people are satisfied with the product, there is no good economic benefits. Quality is the life of the enterprise. The survival of the enterprise lies in the quality. The development and expansion of the enterprise also lies in the quality. Taking the path of quality and efficiency, continuous improvement of product quality is the eternal theme of the enterprise. And Xin Baoda Motor's quality policy: respect for design concepts, to do the best to do fine, create and create brand.

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