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Performance and classification of stepper motor coupling
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Stepper motor coupling for mounting between stepper motors and loads requires precise transmission performance:

1. Zero clearance: The coupling is not allowed to have clearance during the transmission process, including forward clearance and return clearance;

2, high rigidity: that is, the hysteresis of the transmission is not allowed, otherwise it will seriously affect the accuracy of the stepper motor transmission;

3, low inertia: on the basis of ensuring the transmission strength, the weight of the stepper motor coupling should be reduced as much as possible;

4. Flexibility: The precision servo coupling not only requires high rigidity, but also needs to absorb the deviation between the shaft and the shaft generated during the installation process.


1. Spring type stepping motor coupling;

2. Plum-shaped stepping motor coupling;

3. The diaphragm type stepping motor is equipped with a coupling;

4. Rigid stepper motor coupling;

5. Safety stepper motor coupling.

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