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The special coreless motor for monitoring system
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Monitoring System PTZ It is divided into fixed and electric PTZ. The electric pan/tilt is suitable for scanning and monitoring a wide range, which can expand the surveillance range of the camera. The high-speed attitude of the electric pan/tilt is realized by two execution motors, and the motor receives the signal from the controller to accurately position it. Under the action of the control signal, the camera on the gimbal can automatically scan the surveillance area or track the monitored object under the control of the monitoring center.


There are two motors inside the electric pan/tilt, which are responsible for the rotation of the pan/tilt in the up and down and left and right directions. Sinbad Motor has developed a coreless motor dedicated to the PTZ. The rotational speed, rotation angle, load capacity, environmental indicators (resistance performance), hysteresis, reliability, etc. affect the performance of the PTZ motor are very good and the price is affordable and Cost-effective.


The coreless motors of Shenzhen Sinbad Motor Co., Ltd. are widely used in automotive electronic equipment, medical equipment, audio and video equipment, information and communication equipment, household appliances, aviation models, power tools, massage health equipment, electric toothbrushes, electric shaving planes, eyebrow shaping tools , electric hair dryer camcorder, security equipment, precision instruments and electric toys, and other electric products.

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