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Variable frequency hood for coreless dc motor applications
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Solving the problems of crowded, blocked, and fume reversal of public flue has become an important factor affecting consumers' healthy life. How to effectively solve these problems, while taking into account the individual needs of consumers for product design, the answer is the inverter smoke machine.


DC brushless motors are small in size, light in weight, high in energy efficiency, good in control characteristics, high in reliability, long in life, low in noise, etc., and are replacing AC motors in more and more home appliances. Compared with single-phase AC motors, DC brushless motors have the following advantages:

Speed regulation:

     At present, the AC motor can only achieve three-speed speed regulation, and the DC brushless motor can achieve stepless speed regulation between 0-1500 rpm, which can greatly facilitate the user to select the appropriate speed, and can achieve more precise adjustment and increase. The comfort of the product used.


     The double reduction of starting noise and running noise is realized: first, the DC frequency conversion realizes soft start, and the balanced running state eliminates the noise generated when the range hood is started. Secondly, the user can select different frequencies according to the usage requirements. Between 0 and 1500 rpm, the corresponding operating state is selected, and the noise is always in the ultra-low range.

Energy saving:

     Energy-saving has become the development direction of home appliances in the future. Range hoods are also used in households every day. Although they are not used for a long time, the energy consumption of the AC motors currently used is too low.

Air volume:

     The DC brushless motor itself has the characteristics of high starting torque, strong overload capability and hard load characteristics. When the user actually uses the motor, the motor speed is higher than that of the AC motor, and the air volume is higher than the AC motor.

System efficiency:

     High efficiency is the advantage of DC brushless speed control system. In the full pressure efficiency of the range hood, it can be 7-8 percentage points higher than the AC motor, reaching 29.78%.

System reliability:

The application of DC brushless speed control system is very mature in the range hood, and the reliability of the system is also verified in many products.

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