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What are the advantages of brushless motors?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Less brush, brushless motor wear is mainly on the bearing, from the mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor, and when necessary, just do some dust maintenance can be. Brushless motor relative to the advantages of brush motor, but everything is not absolute, brush motor low-speed torque performance, torque and other performance characteristics are irreplaceable brushless motor, but the brushless motor to use the convenience With the development of brushless technology and the development of brushless technology at home and abroad with the market competition, brushless power system is high-speed development and popularization stage, which also greatly promoted the development of model movement.

Brushless motor advantages are as follows:

1, no brush, low interference

Brushless motor to remove the brush, the most direct change is that there is no brush motor running when the spark, which greatly reduces the spark on the remote control of radio interference.

2, low noise, smooth operation

Brushless motor without brush, running friction greatly reduced, running smoothly, the noise will be much lower, this advantage for the model running stability is a huge support.

3, long life, low maintenance costs

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