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What are the technical requirements for electric vehicle motors?
- May 02, 2018 -

What are the special requirements for electric vehicle motors in terms of load requirements, technical performance and working environment?


1. The electric vehicle drive motor needs to have a 4-5 times overload to meet the requirements of short-term acceleration or climbing; while industrial motors only require twice the overload.

2. The maximum speed of the electric vehicle is required to reach 4-5 times the basic speed when cruising on the road, while the industrial electric motor only needs to reach the constant power that is twice the basic speed.

3. The electric vehicle drive motor needs to be designed according to the model and the driver's driving habits, while the industrial motor only needs to be designed according to the typical working mode.

4. The electric vehicle drive motor requires a high power density (typically within 1kg/kw) and a good efficiency map (higher efficiency over a wider range of speeds and torques) to reduce vehicle weight. , Extended driving range; while the industrial motor is usually a comprehensive consideration of power density, efficiency and cost, optimize the efficiency near the rated operating point.

5, electric vehicle drive motor requires high work controllability, high steady-state accuracy, dynamic performance is good; and industrial motor has only a certain kind of specific performance requirements.

6. The electric vehicle driving motor is installed on the motor vehicle. It has a small space and operates under harsh environment such as high temperature, bad weather, and frequent vibration. Industrial motors usually work in a fixed position.

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