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What is a DC brushless motor?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Our company is engaged in a brushless DC motor company. Brushless DC motor by the motor body and drive components, is a typical mechanical and electrical integration products. Brushless motor is no brush and commutator (or collector ring) of the motor, also known as no commutator motor. As early as in the last century when the birth of the motor, the practical motor is a brushless form, that is, the exchange of squirrel cage asynchronous motor, this motor has been widely used. However, the asynchronous motor has many insurmountable defects, so that the development of motor technology is slow. The transistor was born in the middle of this century, so the use of transistor commutation circuit instead of brush and commutator DC brushless motor came into being. This new brushless motor is called an electronic commutation DC motor, which overcomes the flaws of the first generation of brushless motors.

Brushless DC motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and not a real DC motor, the English abbreviation BLDC. Different from brushless DC motor, brushless DC motor does not use mechanical brush device, the use of square wave automatic permanent magnet synchronous motor to Hall sensor instead of carbon brush commutator to NdFeB as the rotor of the permanent magnet material , Compared with the performance of the traditional DC motor has a great advantage, is the best speed motor today.

DC brushless motor is the essence of the use of DC power input, and with the inverter into a three-phase AC power supply, with position feedback, permanent magnet synchronous motor.

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